2021-2022 Rummage Sale Beneficiaries

2021-2022 The Thursday Club Professionals beneficiary – Mama’s Kitchen

2021-2022 The Thursday Club Juniors beneficiary – Honor Flight

The philanthropy committees for The Thursday Club have selected beneficiaries for this years’ rummage proceeds and special events and without these fundraisers, we do not have the funds to give to our worthy beneficiaries.

It will take approximately $77,000 to fully fund The Thursday Club Rummage Sale beneficiaries. The membership and friends of The Thursday Club have always supported our rummage sale and our rummage gala. Hopefully with your generosity, we can the raise funds needed and still make a difference in our community.

This fundraising event will kick off during our typical rummage work week this March and conclude the first week in May.  We will show here on our website how much progress our community has helped raise funds for these worthy community organizations that are listed below.

Remember to tell your friends and family who have supported The Thursday Club rummage sale and special event in the past to help us this year to continue the tradition.  We thank you sincerely and we look forward to seeing you in 2023!

The Thursday Club’s 2021-2022 Rummage Sale Beneficiaries:

Big Sister League of San Diego provides supportive housing for women affected by mental illness, homelessness, trauma, and domestic abuse.  The grant would go toward their activity planning and supplies.  These include DIY crafts, learning job skills and resume building and taking trips around San Diego (such as to the beach or museums in Balboa Park).

Resounding Joy uses music therapy to improve the health, welfare, and quality of life for individuals and families.  Their clients have diagnoses that will affect them throughout their lives such as depression, PTSD, brain injury, Down’s Syndrome, congenital heart disease or a rare disease.  The grant will be used to purchase equipment and electronics for use in livestreaming and telehealth sessions and PPE for use with in-home or in-hospital sessions.

San Diego Food Bank requested funds to help support their Fresh Produce Initiative.  This is an existing program with a goal of distributing 12 million pounds of fresh produce to nearly 600,000 chronically hungry in the next fiscal year.  The number of individuals currently using the Food Bank has nearly doubled from the pre-COVID-19 numbers.

San Diego Refugee Tutoring serves the refugee students and families located in City Heights.  These students and their families are not native English speakers, and most families rely on government aid for income. The grant would specifically be used on a new literacy program to address the learning loss caused by the pandemic.  We would fund the purchasing of software, tablets/Chromebooks, new books, and incentives (gift cards) to be used primarily with students K-12.

Voices for Children provides a Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA to each child in the foster care system.  The CASA ensures that the child does not slip through the cracks of this overburdened system.  They have requested funds to purchase 14 tablet devices for use by their CASA volunteers during their training program.

Prophet World Beat Productions requested funds for their “Ethnobotany Peace Garden” which is used as an outdoor classroom, used for yoga and meditation for children, used in a STEAM curriculum, birdwatching and sustainable gardening and outdoor cooking.

Village Arts and Education Foundation works to enrich lives of people of all ages and backgrounds.  They have requested funds for their Education and Outreach Program, specifically to increase scholarships to Summer Art Camps and supplies for the San Diego Free October Art weekend classes.  The scholarships are given to underprivileged children and families.

Women’s History Reclamation Project dba Women’s Museum of California offers in-person and on-demand digital exhibits focusing on the women’s movement.  They requested help in funding their “Hear me Now” program which provides speakers to women’s groups (like us!!), schools, universities, corporate, business, and civic groups.  They cover a variety of subjects including women of note, women’s activism, women in the military, politics, the Suffrage Movement and U.S. women’s history.

Angels Foster Network’s “Expanding Caring Families” Program. This initiative supports efforts to recruit, train and approve additional families who will foster and support reunification with children’s birth families as well as offering support groups and continuing education for Foster Families.

San Diego Automotive Museum’s new hands-on interactive educational lessons at the museum. Serving about 20,000 youth each year this program is offered at low-to-no-cost and will include constructing, testing and racing Lego cars in a fun, educational and interactive event series. Students will learn car culture, design and engineering; create car designs and see classic cars up close and personal.

The Thursday Club Professionals Beneficiary
Mama’s Kitchen – Funding will help Mama’s Kitchen prepare three nutritious meals a day for women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Click on the donate button to support The Thursday Club rummage sale beneficiaries, Mama’s Kitchen or Honor Flight. We thank you for your generous donations.

If you would like to donate by writing a check.  Please make out to The Thursday Club Foundation  and designate in the Notes on your check (2022 Rummage Beneficiaries, Mama’s Kitchen or Honor Flight) and mail to:

The Thursday Club Foundation
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The Thursday Club Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations can be directed to the Quasi-Endowment, the Remembrance Fund and the General Fund.  The Thursday Club Foundation will distribute collected funds in accordance with the direction of the membership of The Thursday Club .